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CityBeat: Wendell Young for City Council

By CityBeat Staff · October 23rd, 2013 · Election
wendell youngCouncilman Wendell Young - Photo: Provided

There’s a reason Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls picked Wendell Young as her top choice for vice mayor. Young previously served four years in the U.S. Air Force and 25 years in the Cincinnati Police Department — he clearly gets Cincinnati and holds public service to its highest regard.

Young is part of a new partnership between various local agencies and officials that will attempt to finally address Cincinnati’s abhorrent infant mortality rate, which is higher than some third-world countries in certain parts of the city. The effort only began this year, but it promises to take a data-driven approach to fix one of Cincinnati’s most embarrassing stains.

The initiative also shows the kind of issues Young is interested in solving.

It’s not just about promoting development; it’s about making sure the city’s growth lifts everyone. Whether it’s infant mortality or food deserts, Young shows a genuine care for the issues that worst affect Cincinnati’s most downtrodden.

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