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CityBeat: Chris Seelbach for City Council

By CityBeat Staff · October 23rd, 2013 · Election
pride_seelbach_jfCouncilman Chris Seelbach - Photo: Jesse Fox

Chris Seelbach is probably CityBeat’s most confident choice for City Council. In the past two years, Seelbach almost seemed to model himself as the ideal council member: He’s easily accessible, he’s active on social media, he supports the city’s progressive policies and he even makes personal sacrifices to do what he thinks is right for the city, including, as his campaign ads probably drilled into everyone’s head by now, cutting his own pay.

Seelbach’s successes have been nationally recognized. When he won the Harvey Milk Champion of Change Award for his work with the LGBT community, he proved to the rest of the country that Cincinnati is no longer that stuffy, conservative, semi-Southern city in southwest Ohio.

He represents the city’s blossoming urban core and what it could mean to young adults looking for a great city to launch their lives and careers.

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