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CityBeat: Laure Quinlivan for City Council

By CityBeat Staff · October 23rd, 2013 · Election
quinlivanCouncilwoman Laure Quinlivan - Photo: Provided

Laure Quinlivan has bizarrely taken to advertising herself as the only elected mom on council, but she’s so much more than that. She has proven to be a strong, nonpartisan voice on a council that at times gets mired in the pettiest of politics.

While most politicians would be terrified at the notion of being perceived as a flip-flopper, Quinlivan genuinely changed her mind on the parking plan after it became clear that the city administration had misled the public when it claimed that it was absolutely necessary to balance the budget without laying off cops or firefighters.

At the same time, Quinlivan isn’t afraid to study controversial options to fix the city’s budget problems.

She has previously mentioned reducing cops and firefighters through attrition, increasing the earnings tax and providing cheaper health care options to city employees — not the most popular ideas, but perhaps the tough decisions the city will have to make in the future to correct its difficult financial situation.

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