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CityBeat: Mike Moroski for City Council

By CityBeat Staff · October 23rd, 2013 · Election
mike moroskiMike Moroski - Photo: Provided

Mike Moroski is the biggest surprise of the City Council campaigns. The Independent candidate has proven that he isn’t just any other newbie in the political arena; his campaign has a serious, viable platform and a social media campaign that is refreshingly transparent. 

If Moroski runs his council office like he runs his friendly, outgoing campaign, Cincinnati voters would be doing themselves a service by electing him.

One example: While many council candidates fixated on vague budget and neighborhood issues at a CityBeat-hosted candidates forum on Oct. 5, Moroski trumpeted social impact bonds, a little-known policy that could help former jail inmates get their lives back together and lower the costs of imprisonment.


Moroski manages to simultaneously acknowledge that Cincinnati still has serious problems while reinforcing the momentum the city has seen the past few years. It’s a welcome turn from the typical challenger campaign that attempts to tear down everything the incumbents are doing, no matter how good it is, in hopes of getting into office.

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