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Easy-to-Make, Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

By Maija Zummo · October 23rd, 2013 · ScaryBeat
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If you plan on leaving the house this Halloween weekend, most humans you see or run into at bars, parties or the gas station will be in costumes. Most of these costumes won’t actually look anything like what they’re supposed to be, or if they’re store-bought will consist of some type of wig, mask or “sexy” persona, e.g. sexy nurse, sexy cop, sexy taxi, sexy hamburger, sexy crayon, etc. So if you want to fit in but try as little as possible, have we got some costumes for you. 

The following are some really low-skill ideas for creating last-minute costumes besides the classic toilet paper mummy, white sheet ghost or tinfoil-wrapped burrito human. You’re going to need scissors and glue (a stapler will work, too) for most of these costumes, and colored felt and construction paper can be replaced with any item you can glue on yourself in the suggested colors. 


SUPPLIES: Umbrella (preferably clear), crepe paper, ribbon, glow necklaces or bracelets, black and white construction paper

Optional: If you want to go all-out, wear an outfit the same color as your crepe paper

INSTRUCTIONS: Open up your umbrella. Tape a whole bunch of crepe paper around the bottom rim of it. Then intersperse some curly ribbon in between the crepe paper and tape them to the umbrella, too. Then cut out two big white ovals and two tiny black ovals and tape them to the middle of the open umbrella to act like eyes. Then stand under the umbrella in an outfit that may or may not be the same color as your umbrella and/or crepe paper. Wear some glow stick necklaces or bracelets so you can be an incandescent jellyfish. 

Giant newspaper

SUPPLIES: Newspaper, tape

INSTRUCTIONS: Unwrap the newspaper. Tape it to yourself.

Guy Who Seems Normal but Is in Fact Super Creepy


INSTRUCTIONS: Put on some clothes — your normal clothes will do. Then, when you get to a party or whatever, start whispering creepy stuff under your breath to people. “Your skin looks super tasty.” “I want to fondle 

your sweaters.” “I only bathe in the dark.”

Doritos Locos taco

SUPPLIES: Four nacho cheese Doritos bags (empty), orange turtleneck and sweatpants, green yarn, yellow yarn, foaming shaving cream, red felt, brown felt

INSTRUCTIONS: Put on the turtleneck and sweatpants. Cut out a bunch of brown and red shapes to look like ground beef and tomatoes.

Glue the felt pieces to the orange outfit as you would apply beef and tomatoes to a taco. Glue or staple on a bunch of green and yellow yarn to be lettuce and cheese. Add a strip of shaving cream to look like sour cream. Then stick some empty Doritos bags on your hands and feet.  


SUPPLIES: White shirt and pants (preferably a sweatshirt and sweatpants), toilet paper roll, gold paint or glitter, glue, yarn, maybe a hand towel

INSTRUCTIONS: Wear a white outfit (or have someone Photoshop white pants on you). Paint a toilet paper roll (or paper towel roll, depending on the height of your horn) gold or glittery and affix it to your head by poking two holes on opposite sides of the roll and sticking a string through them. Tie the string around your chin so the toilet paper roll sits on the top of your head. You probably want a tail too since horses have tails. Either find a white hand towel or colored hand towel from your linen closet. Tie a string in a knot near the top of the towel, then tie the rest of the string around your waist so the towel becomes a tail. You could also make a tail out of yarn or streamers. Just whatever you have around. If you have glitter on hand, just start throwing glitter on people. Magic.

To make this into a pumpkin, wear an orange shirt and pants. Paint the toilet paper roll green. Then cut four green triangles out of felt. Glue or staple them around the neck of your shirt so they look like pumpkin leaves. Cut a jack-o-lantern mouth, nose and eyes (aka triangles) out of black felt, and attach them like a jack-o-lantern face to your shirt.

IKEA monkey 

SUPPLIES: Tan winter coat with a sherpa fleece collar and wrist accents, window

Optional: yellow construction paper, blue construction paper, piece of cardboard

INSTRUCTIONS: Put on the jacket. Stare out the window, preferably near an IKEA store. As an added bonus, you can make an IKEA sign out of the construction paper, glue and cardboard and carry that around.

Pizza slice

SUPPLIES: Brown yard waste bag, red felt, black felt, white felt, green felt, crust colored pants and shirt

INSTRUCTIONS: Cut the large brown yard waste bag into a triangle, like a slice of pizza, with the bottom of the bag as the top of your costume, like where your head pops out. You can either cut a hole for your head, or cut two symmetrical triangle pieces and staple them together at the shoulders. Then use the felt to cut different topping shapes. Use the red to cut some pepperoni, green to make little green peppers, black for black olives and then use the white felt to make mozzarella cheese. Glue the toppings to that shit leaving a strip of space at the top of the crust by your head.

Poop (can also be a cloud or a piece of coal)

SUPPLIES: Brown 8- or 10-gallon plastic trash bag

INSTRUCTIONS: Climb inside the plastic bag and poke your arms and legs and head out. If you only have a white trash bag, make yourself a cloud or a cotton ball by gluing cotton balls to yourself. If you only have a black trash bag, make yourself a piece of coal. Or call yourself demon poop.

Emotionally deflated balloon Salesman

SUPPLIES: Clothes, deflated balloons, string

INSTRUCTIONS: Put on some clothes. Tie a string around some deflated balloons. Carry them around. You could also be a sad clown with deflated balloons or a person failing at making balloon animals. 

Rash Girl

SUPPLIES: Underwear, red lipstick, black leggings

Optional: mask

INSTRUCTIONS: Rash Girl is a low-budget super villian bent on world destruction through skin irritation. To transform yourself from mild-mannered into this rashy bitch, put some underwear on over the outside of your pants and rub some red lipstick on your arms and face. Make any kind of mask you want. Taa-daa! Your super power is giving people skin rashes.



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