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Super Simple No-Bake Halloween Party Food Ideas

By Maija Zummo · October 23rd, 2013 · ScaryBeat
scarybeat_costumes+food_jf07Photo: Jesse Fox

Chances are, you’ll probably be invited to some type of Halloween party this week — a coworker’s, a friend’s, a relative’s or as someone’s date. You might even need to throw a Halloween party of your own for the aforementioned coworkers, friends, relatives or dates. 

At this party, you’ll need to bring a gift of food or drink to the party-thrower or provide food and drink for your guests. And this nourishment will need to be Halloween-themed. 

Some people will go all-out for Halloween-themed snacks and build monsters out of Jell-o or make cupcakes that look like black cats, but that takes a lot of effort and creativity. Here are some fast ideas to whip up some spooky snacks and cocktails that are pretty decent/thematic. 

Freaky food

Witches’ Fingernails

INGREDIENTS: Fritos, bowl, marker

INSTRUCTIONS: Dump a bag of Fritos into a bowl.

Attach a label that says, “witches’ fingernails.”

Witches’ Brooms

INGREDIENTS: Pretzel rods, bowl, marker

INSTRUCTIONS: Fill a bowl with pretzel rods or pretzel sticks. Attach a label that says, “witches’ brooms.”

Bloody Cotton Balls

INGREDIENTS: Cotton candy, raspberry jam

INSTRUCTIONS: Put raspberry jam in the middle of a cotton candy ball to make it look bloody.

Rat Kidneys

INGREDIENTS: Red jellybeans, bowl, marker

INSTRUCTIONS: Fill a bowl with red jellybeans. Attach a label that says, “rat kidneys.”


INGREDIENTS: Black marker, oranges

INSTRUCTIONS: Draw some jack-o-lantern faces on oranges.


INGREDIENTS: Marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles

INSTRUCTIONS: Affix chocolate sprinkles to the marshmallows to look like ghost eyes.


Spider Surprise Cider

INGREDIENTS: Alcoholic cider, gummy spiders

INSTRUCTIONS: Get some gummy spiders and some alcoholic cider. Pour the cider into a cup. Add a gummy spider. SURPRISE!

Black Cat Cocktail

INGREDIENTS: Vodka, Coke, black straw

INSTRUCTIONS: Stick the straw out of the top of a cup of vodka and Coke and bend it to look like a tail. This makes it look like a black cat drowned in the drink. 

Monster Eyeball Martini