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Health Care Needs Help

By Readers · July 11th, 2007 · Letters
Regarding the Letter to the Editor "Michael Moore Is Sick" (issue of July 4), since the U.S. officially assumed the role of Evil Empire in Iraq, more and more people have grown "sick" of our morally bankrupt imperial capitalism. Still, there never seems to be a shortage of demagogues trying to scare people into sticking with the status quo. "Fight 'em there or fight 'em here, booga booga!"

The greatest good for the greatest number -- what universal health care is about -- is anathema in a system where profit is the goal and getting rich the dream, a system that demands ever-increasing growth and earnings from compliant corporations that will let profoundly ill people slip through the cracks to make a bigger buck. Yeah, logjams happen and people wait in lines. That's life. So what? The point is to provide more people with more care for less money.

The current system demands a growing economy, and privatization (aka corporatization) is all the rage. Dismantle public services and hand them over to commercial interests to generate profit. Enron-ize. Terrific.

The letter-writer complains about government services like Social Security and the Post Office, saying government-run health care is headed for similar failure. Fact is, Social Security has been efficient and effective. As for the Post Office, in all my years as a customer I'm aware of one item that didn't make it. Not bad, I'd say.

What this country needs is more Michael Moores. He tilts against forces that grind people up for profit, and he's making a difference. If he hadn't made so much money in the process, I'd call him a hero.

-- Jim Byrnes, Hyde Park

Great Coverage of Creation Museum
Thanks to CityBeat for the great coverage of the opening of the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum ("Fantastic World," issue of June 13). Without your publication there would have been no local credible coverage about the nature of this pseudo science theme park.

In addition to the general article describing the museum, Ben Kaufman's assessment ("Enquirer Lays a Dinosaur Egg," issue of June 6) of The Enquirer's coverage was also outstanding. Beyond his criticism of the paper's poor coverage, he was able to explain the difference between religion and science, the true goals of the museum (read: theme park) and the basis of evolution in one media column.

He's an outstanding journalist, and we're indebted to him and CityBeat. Keep up the great work.

-- Bill Menrath, Mount Washington



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