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El Ten Eleven

Sept. 4 • Southgate House Revival

By Reyan Ali · September 3rd, 2013 · Sound Advice
soundadvice_elteneleven_markowensphotographyPhoto: Mark Owens Photography
 One of the more intriguing elements of listening to music is just how much genres are defined by the listeners’ interpretation. 

Americana, Folk, Country and Rockabilly all exist in a hazy shared space, and the border between Punk, Post Punk, Post Hardcore and Indie Rock can grow thin to nonexistent as bands trade stylistic calling cards. 

Kristian Dunn’s interpretation of his own output in El Ten Eleven offers more evidence of that fluidity. By broader definition, the rich, circuitous instrumentals he constructs with drummer Tim Fogarty would fall under genre umbrellas like Post Rock, Math Rock or the ever-reliably vague Experimental Rock. 

Dunn, however, has his own ideas. 

“People don’t think of us this way, but we’re kind of a Pop band, really,” the guitarist/bassist said in a 2011 OC Weekly interview. “Our songs are typically four or five minutes long and have a pretty definable verse, and then a chorus and a verse and a chorus, that sort of thing, even though it’s arty Indie Rock or whatever it is.”

That keen sense of playfulness consistently shines through in the Silver Lake, Calif.-based duo’s work. During shows, a fisheye camera is frequently aimed at the collection of effects pedals gathered at Dunn’s feet as he steers between a dozen or so devices to construct the band’s loop-heavy compositions.

Visit El Ten in action for its virtuosic handiwork; stay for the chance that the pair might bust out its covers of Duran Duran’s “Tiger Tiger” and Joy Division’s “Disorder.”

EL TEN ELEVEN plays Wednesday, Sept. 4 with Eliot Lipp at Southgate House Revival in Newport. Buy tickets, check out performance times and get venue details here.



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