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Aug. 30 • Fountain Square

By Jason Gargano · August 28th, 2013 · Sound Advice
soundadvice_why_jacobhandWHY? - Photo: Jacob Hand
Yoni Wolf, frontman for Indie Folk pranksters Why?, has never hesitated to indulge his rather fertile imagination. But his band’s latest project, an EP titled Golden Ticket (to be released Sept. 17 via Joyful Noise Records), takes things to a whole new level: It will supposedly feature seven “theme songs” inspired by the lives of various Why? fans.

Rather than paraphrase the details of the curious concept, let’s just hand things off to Yoni, per the band’s website, “We would write a theme song for one customer who came to the … web store and bought something every month.

Like Mighty Mouse. It would be a song about that person. We’d read all about them on Facebook and Twitter, and sometimes even go so far as to contact their significant other to ask them questions. Then I would write the song on piano and my brother would take the skeleton of lyrics and piano and turn it into a fully realized arrangement.”

Yoni’s brother is Josiah, an equally crafty songwriter whose contributions to the band have only grown since Yoni moved the outfit from Oakland, Calif., to the guys’ hometown of Cincinnati. “Murmurer,” which the band dropped last week as a teaser for the upcoming EP, is in line with Why?’s sonic approach in recent years — a wistful Folk Pop ditty with off-kilter yet oddly affecting lyrics. Think Beck’s Sea Change via Daniel Johnston.

WHY? plays with Moon Taxi and Vito Emmanuel Friday, Aug. 30 on Fountain Square downtown for the last installment of MidPoint Indie Summer Series. Check out performance times and get venue details here.



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