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The Arts Are Alive!

Dare to experience a bounty of art offerings in Cincinnati — and beyond

By Jac Kern · August 21st, 2013 · Fall Arts Preview
Curtains rise across the land

Final Friday is close at hand

Local artists making good

Bringing culture to y’all’s neighborhoods

Creativity is alive

And this is only the start

For there is a whole season ahead

To enjoy the thrill of art

The signs of fall will soon be evident. Temperatures drop, foliage puts on a show. Students return to school. Some people get really into Halloween, to the point of parodying the intro to Thriller. One of the less visible signals of the season is the arrival of a bounty of art offerings in Cincinnati.

This fall features countless exciting opportunities to support the arts around the city (and beyond) in the fields of visual arts, dance, vocal arts and classical music, theater and film. 

We encourage you to break out of your typical routine this season, and this Fall Arts Preview is stocked with plenty of ideas for your calendar. Instead of browsing your Netflix queue, catch a movie at a newly re-opened indie theater. Skip the screen altogether and check out an onstage offering like Cabaret, The Crucible or Bull. Celebrate Cincinnati Ballet’s 50th anniversary with a must-see show set to Johnny Cash tunes. And don’t miss the rare chance to see Maya Angelou perform live with eighth blackbird and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. And while it’s true art was never dead — or undead — it’s more alive than ever. 

You can run, you can hide — but art will find you. Be prepared to get caught up in it.

— Jac Kern, project editor

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