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Cincinnati vs. the World 08.14.2013

By Hannah McCartney · August 14th, 2013 · Cincinnati vs. The World
Two University of Cincinnati law professors who married in 1986 and divorced 10 years later have been mired in a 17-year legal fight which has appalled local judges who have accused the two of self-servingly manipulating the legal system and setting a negative example for students and the profession as a whole. CINCINNATI -2 

Will the real Kevin Lewis please stand up? Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati accidentally lost itself $1 million when they awarded some guy named “Kevin Lewis” one of their three prizes in a $3 million giveaway.

Turns out, though, they got the wrong Kevin, but ended playing the good guy and letting both the Kevins keep their prizes. CINCINNATI +1 

Some right-wing pregnancy centers in Virginia were caught on tape flat-out lying to women about things like how contraception works, even getting judgmental when one counselor asked a patient, “If you’re not married, why are you having sex?” and told her that using normal birth control methods was like taking “tremendous amounts of steroids.” WORLD -1

A popular North Korea comedienne was yanked off stage at her performance and shipped to a coal mine with a sentence of “indefinite hard labor” after she told a joke that somehow satirized society in North Korea. WORLD -2





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