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By tt stern-enzi · August 7th, 2013 · Movie Previews
planes_credit-walt disney picturesWalt Disney Pictures
Are there any other inanimate objects or animals for bored screenwriters to bring to life on the big screen? The “creative team” — Pixar CCO and Executive Producer John Lasseter — behind Cars rolls out Planes as if this were the next step on the path to genius and stacks the deck with a story about a crop-duster named Dusty (Dane Cook) who dreams about entering an international aerial race even though he’s hopelessly inexperienced and afraid of heights.

With a crusty veteran in his corner (Stacy Keach), we know exactly where Planes is headed, but director Klay Hall (known for his television work on The Simpsons and King of the Hill) will no doubt work overtime to convince us that he can take us somewhere new. Now in theaters. (PG) Not screened in time for review.



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