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Mad Anthony Gets Mad Love

Greater Cincy's music community unites to help injured rockers and The Sundresses become a foursome

By Mike Breen · July 17th, 2013 · Spill It

On June 29, Cincinnati Rock trio Mad Anthony was doing what it’s been doing this past year or so — touring its ass off. Unfortunately, the musicians wouldn’t make it to their next gig.

The group members were on their way to perform in Evansville, Ind., when they hit a bad storm near Louisville, Ky. The band’s van hit some water and slid off into some trees. The impact was severe — singer/guitarist Ringo Jones and drummer Marc Sherlock were thrown from the van. Jones suffered head injuries requiring many stitches. Sherlock’s injuries required 40 staples to repair the cuts to his head and he also suffered a fractured vertebra, which requires him to wear a neck brace for the next few months. Guitarist Adam Flaig had a few cuts and bruises, but was not seriously injured. The Mad Anthony tour van was totaled, as was the band’s musical gear. 

The band responded to “What can we do to help?” requests on Facebook by asking everyone to wear their seatbelts and, if they really wanted to donate money, purchase some Mad Anthony music online. But, the post continued, “If you already have our stuff, buy another local band’s music! (We’re) all about supporting our brothers and sisters.” 

Perhaps more miraculous than the band members’ relative luck that the crash was not worse — about 10 days after the accident, Flaig and Jones went back on tour as Mad Anthony, playing a string of acoustic dates in the Midwest and on the East Coast. 

Unsurprisingly, the local music community wanted to do more, and two concerts have been organized to help the band with their medical bills and replace their lost vehicle and gear. Kelly Thomas, Sarah Ramsey, Jason Ramsey, Morrella Raleigh and Sean Garner, all heavily involved in the local music scene and friends of the band, organized both benefit events.

The first “Mad Love for Mad Anthony” show is next Friday (July 26) at Newport’s Southgate House Revival. Scheduled to appear are State Song, The Frankl Project, Smoke Signals, Sticky Honey, Secondary, The Sundresses, The Black Owls, Animal Circles, Jackass, Veronica Grim, The Mudpies, Martin Luther & The Kings, Kelly Thomas & the Fabulous Pickups, 500 Miles to Memphis, Bradford Lee Folk & The Bluegrass Playboys and The Dual Brothers.

Tickets are available for $10 through ticketfly.com here (or $12 at the door, day of show). 

The second Mad Anthony benefit show goes down Aug. 9 at downtown’s Mainstay Rock Bar. The show will feature music by Mangrenade, Knife the Symphony, Mala In Se, The Makeshifts and Alone at 3AM. Suggested donation is $5.

Those out of town or unable to make either of the benefit concerts can give directly to Mad Anthony through paypal.com; use their madanthonyband@gmail.com address to donate.

Or, of course, you could buy a few copies of the band’s releases — they’re excellent. Visit phratryrecords.com, madanthonyband.com or madanthony.bandcamp.com and get downloading. 

Sundresses Become a Quartet

One of the finest original bands to call Cincinnati home over the past decade or so has expanded from a trio to a quartet. The Sundresses’ dark, dirty, rootsy, soulful sound has been delivered by the three core members over the past 11 years, with Jeremy Springer and Brad Schnittger switching off between drums and guitar during sets (both musicians sing lead). 

Beginning this Friday, Springer and Schnittger will provide a double frontmen/guitarist assault, with bassist Makenzie Place now teamed in rhythm with new drummer Dave Reid (from The Dukes are Dead and Filthy Beast). 

Friday, Reid will be officially introduced as the band’s new drummer at the MidPoint Indie Summer show on Fountain Square. The great all-local lineup also features headliners Wussy, who have been lying low lately as the members work on their next album at the local Ultrasuede Studio (touring activity looks set to resume in earnest next month).

Opening up the show is Queen City Radio, whose members you may well be familiar with already. The Rock foursome is fronted by Dan Mecher of Turnbull ACs/Denial fame and also features his old Denial mate Kevin Finkelmeier (also known for his work with Kristen Key and Pete Dressman and the Soul Unified Nation). Rounding out the lineup is former 500 Miles to Memphis bassist Jeff Snyder and founding 500 Miles frontman/guitarist/singer/songwriter Ryan Malott. (Check some tunes out via Facebook here.)

The MidPoint Indie Summer shows are free and begin at 8 p.m.

CONTACT MIKE BREEN: mbreen@citybeat.com, @CityBeatMusic and on Facebook here.



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