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Girl Most Likely

By tt stern-enzi · July 17th, 2013 · Movie Previews
girlmostlikely_lionsgate:roadside attractionsLionsgate: Roadside Attractions
Seemingly more than ready to usurp Tina Fey’s role as the recent Saturday Night Live alumnus most likely to succeed, Kristen Wiig continues to straddle the comedic divide, skillfully mixing and mining laughs with lovely dramatic beats, whether in studio projects or indie fare. Girl Most Likely, which had a solid festival run under a different title (Imogene), lands in art houses with Wiig in sure command as Imogene Duncan, a New York playwright suffering through the critical slings and arrows after what was once a promising start.

Directors Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini (the writing/directing team behind the Best Adapted Screenplay Award nominee American Splendor) show no such signs of having to worry about their place in the independent firmament. Now open  at Mariemont Theatre. (PG-13) Not screened in time for review.



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