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Dylan's Stratocaster and Samsung's Jay-Z Scheme

By Mike Breen · July 3rd, 2013 · Minimum Gauge

Going Electric, the Home Game

The Fender Stratocaster Bob Dylan used when he notoriously “went electric” for the first time on stage at 1965’s Newport Folk Festival is headed for auction. A family heirloom found almost 50 years ago by a private pilot on his plane, PBS’s History Detectives estimated its worth at $500,000. Dylan initially “debunked” the claim, saying he had the actual guitar, but apparently he was just being a dick — the two parties reached a settlement that allows the family to sell the instrument (on which Dylan will, literally, sign off). 

The Replacements

Two big acts of yore have been making news recently for membership moves.

Over the course of a week, influential rockers Pixies announced that their iconic singer/bassist, Kim Deal, was out of the band; released just their second new song since 1991; and introduced Kim Shattuck of Pacific Northwest group The Muffs as the “new Kim.” Hit-making Pop trio TLC at least had the decency to wait until a crucial member (Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes) died before awkwardly replacing her. The group recorded a cover of their hit “Waterfalls” for the single’s 20th anniversary, with Japanese Pop star Namie Amuro taking the Left Eye role. Fans — and Lopes’ family — erupted, but the remaining TLC duo apologized, saying they meant no disrespect and only teamed up with Amuro after being denied use of Lopes’ original rap. All of this paves the way for next year’s 21st anniversary single, “Gigantic Waterfalls” by TLC featuring Kim Deal.

Magna Carta Holy Crap

Samsung and Jay-Z’s scheme to buy a million copies of his new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, to give to owners of a certain phone, free and early, was hailed as bullshit by Billboard, SoundScan and the U.K.’s charting service, which refused to count the million-copy-headstart in sales tallies. But the Recording Industry Association of America said, “Hey, sure thing — maybe you could get your wife to buy another million?” The RIAA — a “trade organization” that reps record companies and distributors — moved mountains to assure Jay-Z a first-week Platinum album, changing rules for its Gold and Platinum certifications by waiving the clause that demanded an album be available for 30 days before it could be eligible for the esteemed statuses. Also, the RIAA says, Jay-Z’s farts smell great.



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