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Comedy: Kyle Kinane

By PF Wilson · June 24th, 2013 · CityBeat Recommends
todo_comedy_kylekinaneKyle Kinane

Kyle Kinane has quickly become a comedian’s comedian, since moving out of his parent’s home in Chicago and moving to Los Angeles. His Midwest upbringing is still a source for comedy though. “I have stories about friends of mine back in Chicago that are always good to tell,” he says. “Stuff I’ve been through.” 

But even when bad things happen, Kinane likes to keep it positive. “I like to challenge myself not to be negative, because it’s easy to take comedy to a negative place and criticize the outside world,” he says. “Tying to praise something through comedy, or be appreciative and making jokes about it is more challenging than cutting things down.” 

Now an acclaimed stand-up, Kinane isn’t quite sure what he’d ultimately like to do.

“That’s the beautiful part, I have no idea. There’s something new every day,” he notes. “For now I just want to keep paying my bills by telling jokes and looking around and seeing the world. It’s pretty ideal.” 

Friday-Sunday. $8-$15. Go Bananas, 8410 Market Place Lane, Montgomery, 513-984-9288 gobananascomedy.com. 



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