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Ohio House Bill Would Increase Abortion Restrictions

By German Lopez · June 19th, 2013 · City Desk

An Ohio House bill introduced June 11 would add more restrictions to obtaining a legal abortion in Ohio, and some of the requirements may force doctors to provide medically inaccurate information.

With an exception for medical emergencies but not rape or incest, House Bill 200 would increase the waiting period on abortions from 24 to 48 hours.

The bill would also force doctors to give patients, verbally and in writing, a slew of warnings 48 hours before an abortion procedure.

Doctors would have to explain medical risks the legislation claims are associated with abortion, including infertility and breast cancer.

The bill would also require doctors to provide a description of fetal development with colored photographs and “the probable anatomical and physiological characteristics of the embryo or fetus at that age.”

As part of the bill, pregnant women seeking an abortion would be forced to get an ultrasound two days before a procedure.

During the process, doctors would have to provide a verbal description of the ultrasound, including whether there’s an audible heartbeat, and a written and verbal explanation of whether the pregnancy is viable.

The most extensive research has found that, barring rare complications, abortions are not linked to the medical risks listed in the bill.

House Bill 200 must first work through committee before it gets a full vote from the House. Its chances of passing the 99-person chamber so far are unclear, but it has the support of 35 House Republicans. 



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