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The Hussy

June 24 • The Chameleon

By Brian Baker · June 17th, 2013 · Sound Advice
soundadvice_the_hussy_photo_kind_turkey_recordsPhoto: Kind Turkey Records
On the surface, The Hussy seems to draw inspiration from a number of like-minded groups to forge its particular brand of Garage Psych Punk mayhem. The Madison, Wisc., guy/girl duo shares a structural blueprint with The White Stripes, right down to guy on guitar and vocals up front/girl on drums and vocals at the back. 

And then there's the whole faux-surname, band/gang aesthetic of The Ramones, unless by some wild what-the-fuckery their names really are Bobby Hussy and Heather Hussy. (His could be; hers was apparently Sawyer when they began in 2008. Married bandmates, too? No confirmation of that so far).

On the musical end, things get a little fuzzier, not to mention more lysergic, for The Hussy.

Over the past five years, three mini-albums (2011's Cement Tomb Mind Control, 2012's Weed Seizure and the just-released Pagan Hiss) and a healthy number of EPs and singles, The Hussy has concocted a nut-kick sound that rivals the fist-pumping dumbass Rock anthemics of The Dictators, the howling mad Psych squall of Reigning Sound and the sloppily channeled spirits of a thousand British Invasion-influenced Garage Rock melodicists. 

The Hussy's songs rarely barrel past the two-minute mark and they often end with the breathtaking finality of the police pulling the plug on a loud-in-the-next-county block party. One minute the Hussy is thundering like the bastard twin of The Stooges and The Nomads and the next it bops around like The B-52s if they'd envisioned "Rock Lobster" as a brutal, lo-fi Punk manifesto. 

The Hussy's blistering studio intensity is outpaced only by its raw, visceral live approach. If you're not a fan going into The Hussy show, you'll be sporting their cauterized brand when they carry you out.

THE HUSSY plays Monday, June 24 at The Chameleon in Northside.



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