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Music: Grey Host

By Sean M. Peters · June 12th, 2013 · CityBeat Recommends
music2_grey_host_photo_ greg lutzGrey Host - Photo: Greg Lutz
If anyone makes a documentary about starving to death in a dungeon, they should look no further than Grey Host for the soundtrack. The band’s dark sound is driven by John Sebastian and Jason Nix’s down-tuned guitars blasted through stacks of amps. The drums, battered by Zac Schmidt, are slow and menacing, as if he’s drumming to the pace of oarsmen. Subtle textures made by Evan Roberts’ keyboards aid in reaching the droning, hypnotic state Grey Host’s music induces. 

“We all come from different musical backgrounds and I think that helps us have something of a unique sound in the end,” Sebastian says.

“It’s great being in a band with such versatile musicians. They’re not afraid to get weird and try something that isn’t necessarily Metal.”

It wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine Grey Host’s songs violently screamed by cloaked warlocks in ancient and savage times, the drumming on bleached skulls and cleaved shields, melodies whistled through fifes and the rhythm strummed on a spruce lute strung with dragon gut. 

Grey Host performs 9 p.m. Tuesday at Mayday with Windhand and Close the Hatch. maydaynorthside.com


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