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Summer Guide 2013

By Maija Zummo · June 12th, 2013 · Summer Guide
summerguide_pool_jf17Photo: Jesse Fox
Regardless of the heat, stifling humidity and irritatingly high pollen count of a typical Cincinnati summer, there’s something about the ushering in of street festivals, sweating before you walk out the door and the chilled glimmer of a beckoning swimming pool that harkens back to a collective nostalgia, where all that mattered was baseball, melting ice cream, bicycles and grass stains. A simpler time where days and people move slower in the lazy heat of afternoon and there’s nothing more to do than jump from hot car interiors to cool movie theaters or sit outside, watching the condensation drip from an ice-cold glass.

Even though we as adults don’t necessarily get an extended summer vacation, the memory of childhoods spent basking in a solar hug from June to August — wiping dripping Popsicles from our hands and jumping through sprinklers — stays with us. And our Summer Guide celebrates and recognizes all those wistful traditions with a grown-up twist. 

Inside, you’ll find a guide to some of the season’s best street festivals, events and outdoor parties; recipes for quintessential chilled summer cocktails; a no-obligation summer reading list; expert tips and techniques for turning the grill into the hearth and heart of the home this season; a collection of neighborhood creamy whips and root beer stands; some public pools; a historic drive-in movie theater; the summer’s best-bet blockbuster films; and more. 

So get ready to put on your bathing suit and grab a burger — the Summer Guide is here.

(And if you don’t feel like reading it, at least you can fan away some of that drinking-on-the-patio sweat with it.)

— Maija Zummo, Project Editor

Check out the entire Summer Guide here.



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