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June 12 • Ballroom at the Taft Theatre

By Jason Gargano · June 11th, 2013 · Sound Advice
soundadvice_coliseum_by_ nick thienemanPhoto: Nick Thieneman
The music video for Coliseum’s “Bad Will” — one of many addictively visceral tracks on the band’s just-released fourth album, Sister Faith — is shot in vérité-style black and white as the trio plays an impromptu gig in front of a Louisville, Ky., tattoo shop. In it, imposing frontman Ryan Patterson bellows on about a variety of things he hates while he simultaneously spits out lacerating guitar riffs that would have Motörhead double-taking in recognition. It’s not long before the cops show up to investigate the unholy raucous, and the video ends with Patterson being led off in handcuffs, no doubt charged with disturbing the peace.

It’s a charge Patterson and his revolving bandmates (current members include bassist Kayhan Vaziri and drummer Carter Wilson) have likely been yielding since Coliseum thundered out of the Louisville underground a decade ago.

Sister Faith, recorded at producer/former Jawbox bassist J. Robbins’ newly relocated Magpie Cage Studios, opens with a furious one-two punch of “Disappear from Sight” and “Last/Lost,” which brings to mind early Fugazi filtered through more contemporary ass-kickers like Fucked Up. And it rarely comes up for air thereafter.

“The record tackles death, love, insecurity, crumbling relationships, thriving relationships, narratives about fear and loss, pessimistic outburst, passion and confusion and lot of other subjects in between,” Patterson said in a recent interview with Blow the Scene. 

Yet the rousing, appropriately titled “Fuzzbang” closes the album with what sounds something like hope. Or at least a way to cope: “We can close our eyes and dream it all away!”

COLISEUM plays with guests Baroness Wednesday, June 12 at the Ballroom at the Taft Theatre downtown. Buy tickets, check out performance times and get venue details here.



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