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Go Behind the Scenes of Cincinnati's 'Antiques Roadshow' Episode

By Jac Kern · May 29th, 2013 · Television

After a three-week run of episodes (April 1-15) taped at the Duke Energy Convention Center last summer, Antiques Roadshow will premiere behind-the-scenes footage from the show’s Cincinnati stop (8 p.m. Monday, CET). 

When it was announced in February 2012 that Antiques Roadshow would return to Cincinnati to tape another episode of the PBS show (it was taped here once before in 1998), the response was resounding. More than 37,000 people across the country registered for free tickets to the live taping July 21, 2012. (Attendees are chosen at random.)

The PBS appraisal show — a favorite among old people and stoners who refuse to pay for cable — travels to different cities with a team of staffers, appraisers and volunteers to meet with the thousands of people who believe their junk, inheritances, yard sale finds and other antiques are worth a pretty penny — and some who just want to be on TV.

The recent Cincinnati episodes featured Rookwood pottery, Colonel Sanders’ suit, an 1846 map of the western United States and much more. This behind-the-scenes episode will show more of how an event of this magnitude is run so smoothly, but maybe you’ll also get a peek of your neighbor getting his creepy doll collection appraised!


Inside the Actors Studio (7 p.m., Bravo) – James Lipton celebrates the show’s 250th episode with new interviews from tons of entertainers: Robert De Niro, Dave Chappelle, Conan O’Brien and Ellen Burstyn, to name a few.

The American Baking Competition (Series Premiere, 8 p.m., CBS) – Ten amateur bakers put their day jobs on hold to compete and serve up cakes, pies and other baked sweets.

And if that wasn’t American enough for you, Jeff Foxworthy hosts for some reason.

MasterChef (8 p.m., Fox) – The top 19 amateur cooks are selected and compete in their first mystery box challenge; the first home chef is eliminated. Less emotional backstories, more cursing Gordon Ramsay, please.

The Real World: Portland (10 p.m., MTV) – Marlon “struggles with his faith,” so I guess we’re finally going to revisit that whole having sex with a man thing.


Small Town Security (10 p.m., AMC) – Lt. Croft moves forward to legally change his name to Dennis Starr; he and Crista try to kick their smoking habits.

Hannibal (10:15 p.m., NBC) – The slaughter du jour involves the “Glasgow Smile”; Hannibal continues to get in Will’s head.


Maron (10 p.m., IFC) – Still struggling in the dating world, Marc opts for an age-appropriate woman (Gina Gershon, meow), but she puts Marc in the hot seat with her son — who has a podcast of his own.


The Killing (Season Premiere, 8 p.m., AMC) -– Sarah and Holder join forces again to take on a new case in this third season.

Game of Thrones (9 p.m., HBO) – The Starks attempt to rebuild an alliance as Edmure Tully prepares to marry into House Frey in Robb’s place, though this wedding has quite a different outcome from the most recent one at King’s Landing. The episode’s title, “The Rains of Castamere,” is also that of the unofficial House Lannister song, so expect that devious family to rear its ugly head.

Mad Men (10 p.m., AMC) – The still-unnamed agency goes to great lengths to keep Chevy happy. This week in hook-ups: I somehow love that Don and a suddenly thin-again Betty got together, if only for Betty to sufficiently screw with Don’s head. Sorry, Megan. Bob Benson would be the perfect sweet fella Joan deserves, but, that being said, Bob will probably flip and become a horrible person. Now that Peggy’s a single lady, will she and Pete finally rekindle their infamous Season One fling?

Veep (10 p.m., HBO) – A government shutdown goes into effect and Selina feels the effects from her furloughed staff to the garbage left in her driveway by sanitation crews.


Inside Amy Schumer (10:30 p.m., Comedy Central) – In this health and wellness-themed episode, Amy tries to maintain a makeover, cooks (meth) and starts a new diet program: the Slap Chef smacks the food out of your mouth before you can get a bite; Sleep Gym induces a coma and does all your workouts for you while you nap.

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