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Bar-Crawl Bingo

By Jac Kern · May 15th, 2013 · Drinking Issue
Bar-Crawl Bingo, similar to real Bingo, is a game of chance, but instead of sitting in a Bingo hall while someone calls out random letter and number combinations, you take your Bar-Crawl Bingo card with you as you travel from bar to bar, observing and marking off occurrences as you go.

There are 25 illustrated squares and a free square in the middle. Each time you witness an illustrated situation, mark off the space. Let’s say you see a gang of women exit a Hummer limo wearing penis tiaras.

Mark off “Bachelor/ette Party.” Spot someone ordering an amaretto sour or mispronouncing the word “Smithwick’s?” Mark off “Bar Rookie Spotting.” Because the theme of the game is “drinking,” this is a blackout Bingo card, which means all spaces must be covered. Print off the image here, or clip out a paper version from the issue of May 15.

Take this Bingo card with you during a night out and compete with your friends. Send images of completed cards and accompanying evidence to letters@citybeat.com for a prize. Sidenote: You are allowed to complete the card over multiple drinking sessions. #safetyfirst #dontdie



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