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Violent Affair

May 21 • Thompson House

By Reyan Ali · May 13th, 2013 · Sound Advice
soundadvice_violent_affair_photo_zack_randlePhoto: Zack Randle
There are several keys to spotting a Street Punk band in the wild without having to engage a lick of music. First, keep your eyes peeled for a name indicating social havoc, destruction (especially the kind caused by the military), corruption or abandonment. (Ideally, the band name's official typeface is vaguely Metal-band-like or in a stenciled script.) A Global Threat, The Virus, Vice Squad, Lower Class Brats — see, there's a pattern to these monikers. Song titles should espouse similar viewpoints. Fashion-wise, you want brightly colored hair dye, mohawks, leather jackets and enough studs and chains to make it seem like a Hot Topic got ransacked.

Violent Affair fits all the above requirements and, unsurprisingly, sonically holds true to its Street Punk allegiances too. Formed in the late ’00s, the Oklahoma City quintet has happily reaffirmed its ties to the genre in any way possible, whether by covering the fantastic Blitz or noting that they cribbed their name's inspiration from a song by an obscure Massachusetts group named Self Destruct.

Violent Affair reportedly came together to fill a local Street Punk niche no one else was filling — “We felt like if you wanted to hear a certain type of music, go and play it,” lead vocalist Dave Williams wisely said in a 2012 interview. Keep an eye out for The Cockroach Theory, the group's fantastically titled new full-length, which should land in July.

VIOLENT AFFAIR performs Tuesday, May 21 with The Casualties and Formerly Lethargic at Thompson House in Newport. Buy tickets, check out performance times and get venue details here.



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