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Green Jellÿ

April 13 • Madison Theater

By Brian Baker · April 8th, 2013 · Sound Advice
soundadvice_green jelly_photo_robert bejilPhoto: Rober Bejil
In 1981, 17-year-old Bill Manspeaker and three friends formed the novelty Punk band Green Jellö with the express intent of being the world’s worst band; their name reflected the notion that lime Jell-O was terrible. 

The friends quickly gained notoriety for their passionate musical incompetence and interactively destructive stage shows, as the band’s food throwing incidents morphed into audiences bringing bags of green Jell-O to return fire. Green Jellö’s outrageous stage antics escalated, they opened for The Ramones and Johnny Thunders, recorded Let It Be, their debut EP, and appeared on The Gong Show, where they were, naturally, gonged.

In 1987, Green Jellö relocated from Buffalo, N.Y., to Hollywood, met GWAR, amped up their stage costumes, recorded their debut full-length, Triple Live Mother Goose at Budokan, and accidentally became better musicians (Tool’s Danny Carey was Green Jellö’s drummer for five years). 

In 1992, the band was signed to Zoo Entertainment and recorded their classic Cereal Killer.

They were subsequently sued by Kraft Foods (over the band name) and Kellogg (over the Cereal Killer cover art) and had to rename the band Green Jellÿ, maintaining the original pronunciation. With $4 million in seed money, Green Jellÿ started an audio/video production house, recorded the Thrash/Dance/Grunge hybrid, 333, appeared as themselves in an episode of the Fantastic Four cartoon, covered Steppenwolf’s “Born to Be Wild” for the similarly titled film and quietly went on a 13-year hiatus. 

In 2008, Manspeaker revived the band for a slate of shows. The following year saw the release of the once-shelved Music to Insult Your Intelligence By, which led to tours with Nashville Pussy and GWAR, Warped Tour appearances and last year’s Green Jellÿ Jet Set Tour, where Manspeaker used local “franchise” bands in each market to avoid the expense of transporting his entourage. 

After 30-plus years and 30-plus members, Green Jellÿ still sucks … in the best possible way.

GREEN JELLY performs Saturday, April 12 at Madison Theater in Covington. Buy tickets, check out performance times and get venue details here.



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