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Art: Up, Up, Up and Up at Visionaries & Voices

By Maria Seda-Reeder · April 3rd, 2013 · CityBeat Recommends
ac_v+vinstallationKathy Brannigan's installation - Provided

The current exhibition at Visionaries & Voices showcases the drawings of Kathy Brannigan and Rob Macke and smartly incorporates elements of installation. Up, Up, Up and Up features Brannigan’s and Macke’s works in subtle white frames against backgrounds that provide additional layers for understanding the artists’ works.  

Brannigan’s Shel Silverstein-esque line drawings on white paper appear to spill out of their low-profile frames and are visually connected via the artist’s recognizable hand-style.

Directly on the walls underneath her drawing of a Goodyear blimp, Brannigan also adds wire as a 3-D element, visibly echoing her drawn lines throughout Up, and the effect is particularly successful.

The curatorial concept of Up is related to Brannigan and Macke’s “interest in objects and spaces above [their] heads,” and, for Brannigan, that is manifested in her depiction of flying objects.

Macke’s colorful works on the opposite side of the gallery contrast with Brannigan’s (mostly) black and white works, but he has an equal fascination with flying things; in Macke’s case, his imagined hybrid hawk or eagle creatures. Each winged-character is combined with real animals and/or mythological beings, and 18 of the paintings on canvas paper are scattered along the wall. 

Visionaries & Voices' exhibition Up, Up, Up and Up closes Friday. The next gallery show opens April 25. More info: visionariesandvoices.com.



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