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Warm Soda

April 3 • The Comet

By Brian Baker · April 2nd, 2013 · Sound Advice
soundadvice_warm_soda_photo_matthew_reamerPhoto: Matthew Reamer
If brevity is a virtue, Warm Soda should be up for some sort of musical sainthood. 

The Oakland, Calif., quartet’s debut album, the recently released Someone Like You, clocks in at just more than 27 minutes but its 12 tracks quiver with the kind of unbridled Pop/Punk intensity that characterized The Kinks’ early singles, the first Dictators full-length, the exquisite Power Pop of Big Star, the swinging sugar rush of The Cars, the shambling Garage Punk swagger of The Replacements and the contemporary downtown Glam slam of The Strokes. 

But that roll call serves more as sonic reference points than actual influences; Warm Soda is clearly more interested in channeling visceral Rock sensations rather than simply regurgitating the hooks and memories of old inspirations.

Warm Soda vocalist Matthew Melton has enjoyed a lot of acclaim with his previous bands, most notably his last outfit, Bare Wires, which dissolved after a problematic tour around South By Southwest last year.

In short order, Melton formed Warm Soda with guitarist Rob Good (the pair own and operate Fuzz City Records, their own studio and label), bassist Chase Oren and drummer Ian McBrayer. Within weeks of Bare Wires’ demise (and seven months before the release of the band’s swan song, Idle Dreams), Warm Soda had posted “Reaction,” the band’s first song together and a definite signpost indicating the direction that the band would ultimately take on Someone Like You. 

Warm Soda is that stack of Pop singles you wrecked with constant spins on your Close ’N Play, the songs you dialed around for in the middle of the night on the transistor radio you kept under your pillow and the band in Beatle boots that played the Legion Hall, punched a hole in the bathroom wall and then signed it. Warm Soda is that bad and that good.

WARM SODA performs Wednesday, April 3 at The Comet in Northside with guest Tweens. Buy tickets, check out performance times and get venue details here.



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