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The Croods

By tt stern-enzi · March 20th, 2013 · Movie Previews
94531_galParamount/Dreamworks Animation
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The world is a-changing and, like the times, it can get a little testy and tempestuous, so it’s time for the cave dwellers to adapt or die off. The Croods follows the misadventures of one such family — it’s hard to tell if they are the first prehistoric family or the last hope — with a strong yet fearful father (Nicolas Cage) struggling to keep his family in check, in particular his feisty eldest daughter (Emma Stone) who longs for a life outside the safety of the cave.

And when a change agent in the form of Guy (Ryan Reynolds), a young man full of bright ideas who rushes headlong for the light, wedges his way between the father and his family, it looks like all hope for humanity might be lost. But The Croods appears to be all about accepting change and strengthening the ties that bind us. Now in theaters. (PG) No review available before opening day



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