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Film: Cinema Toast Crunch: The Dark Crystal

By Jason Gargano · March 19th, 2013 · CityBeat Recommends

Fans of the late, great Mystery Science Theater 3000 have a new outlet for their love of snide commentary: LIVE Riffing, an endeavor that finds “riffers” providing running commentary on a movie as it plays live in front of an audience. 

Cincinnati’s Bombs Away! Comedy troupe is getting in on the interactive trend, presenting a screening of Jim Henson’s live-action fantasy flick, The Dark Crystal, at the Esquire Theatre.

Henson’s surreal head-trip has become something of a cult favorite in the 30 years since its release — its imaginatively rendered puppets and its narrative’s mystical mumbo-jumbo are likely to provide more than enough satirical material for Bombs Away’s trio of commentators. Audience members can also get in on the fun, as their live tweets will appear onscreen for everyone to see. 

One note of caution: The Dark Crystal’s Skeksis, as creepy a collection of hand-crafted creatures as have ever graced the screen, are probably not going take kindly to the good-natured ribbing. Seating is limited. 

10:30 p.m.; get your $9.75 tickets in advance at movietickets.com. 320 Ludlow Ave., Clifton, 513-281-8750, bombsawaycincy.wordpress.com. 



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