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Comedy: Nick Vatterott

By PF Wilson · March 19th, 2013 · CityBeat Recommends

“When are you going to be famous?” comedian Nick Vatterott is asked by his friends. To which the comic replies: “When they find the bodies.” 

Bordering on the silly at times, his comedy is sharp and usually takes unexpected turns. Often jokes are acted out with improv-like physicality. “The letter Q can’t do anything without his little buddy U hanging around,” Vatterott tells an audience.

“I wonder if the other letters try to get Q more involved?” Forming an R out of his body, he continues with this hypothesis. “I wonder if R ever sees Q in a dark alley and says, ‘Hey Q. I was talking to T and we were thinking about putting a word together. You in?’ ” Forming a Q, he imagines that letter’s response. “Sure. You think it would be cool if U came along?” 

The physical aspect of his set isn’t surprising, given his background as a member of Chicago’s famed Second City as well as his own sketch troop called Heavyweight. It’s also not surprising that in 2008 he was named Funniest Man in Chicago before leaving his hometown for New York City. 

Nick Vatterott performs at Go Bananas Thursday, March 21-Sunday, March 24; tickets are $8-$14. 8410 Market Place Lane, Montgomery, 513-984-9288, gobananascomedy.com.



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