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Night Moves

March 14 • MOTR Pub

By Jason Gargano · March 11th, 2013 · Sound Advice
soundadvice_night_moves_photo_nick_walkerPhoto: Nick Walker
Night Moves took the reverse Radiohead route in getting its full-length debut, Colored Emotions, a proper release. The Minneapolis trio — singer/guitarist John Pelant, bassist Micky Alfano and multi-instrumentalist Mark Ritsema — streamed its self-produced album for free on Bandcamp, eventually drawing notice from the peeps at Domino Records, who released a “refurbished” version of the album last fall.

It’s easy to see why the esteemed London-based label was interested — Colored Emotions is a reverb-flavored gem, 10 immersive tunes that move from the countrified twang of “Headlights” to the ’70s AM-radio Pop bliss of the album’s title track with impressive ease. Echoes of early My Morning Jacket and any number of recent Folk-inflected Psych Pop purveyors immediately come to mind when exposed to the album’s languid vibe, but it’s Pelant’s affecting falsetto that allows Night Moves to transcend its obvious influences.

The presence of Thom Monahan, a veteran producer who has worked with the likes of the Pernice Brothers and Devendra Banhart, made the band’s transition to Domino an easy one.

“He helped clean up the record and made certain parts more distinguished,” Pelant said in a recent interview with Mousertime. “He helped us bridge our newer sounds with our older ones. He seemed really understanding to our wanting to preserve the original record.

He also brought to the table his love for tequila, and he told us a lot of stories about John Popper, acid and Zima.”

NIGHT MOVES peform Thursday, March 14 at MOTR Pub in Over-the-Rhine. Check out performance times and get venue details here.



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