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Comedy: Jimmy Dore

By PF Wilson · March 6th, 2013 · CityBeat Recommends

Jimmy Dore does a fair amount of political comedy, but after the election and two sequesters, is he worn out on the subject? Not at all. “Things go forward,” he says from his home in suburban Los Angeles. “It’s funny to see how ridiculous the fourth estate is and how horrible the media is.” The recent controversy over the sequester he finds particularly puzzling.

“How are we gonna get out of this huge hole we’re in, unless we push a bunch of old people into it?” he asks. But there’s more to Jimmy Dore than politics. “I talk about my dog, I talk about my marriage, I talk about being Catholic,” he explains, “and it’s infused with lots of jokey jokes.” For example, he recently took his dog to a vet, who told Jimmy the animal wouldn’t like the taste of a medication. “He eats his own poo, I’m sure he’ll eat it. So, it turns out he won’t take them,” Dore recalls. “How bad do these pills taste? Can you make them taste like shit? Cuz he’ll eat that.” $8-$14. Through Sunday, March 10. Go Bananas, 8410 Market Place Lane, Montgomery. 513-984-9288, gobananascomedy.com. 



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