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Music: Plume Giant

By Mike Breen · January 15th, 2013 · CityBeat Recommends
to_do_plume giant_photo_brenda wirthPhoto: Brenda Wirth
Combining some of the idiosyncrasies of modern Indie Folk with uplifting Pop melodies, Chamber music arrangements and an Americana grab-bag of various other influences, the trio Plume Giant makes a glorious noise that is buoyed by the clever, collaborative songwriting, as well as the trio’s vocal chops, which add a slanted, colorful layer to the group’s sound via frequent and flawless harmonies. The threesome — which formed after meeting each other while attending Yale — makes this glorious noise with fairly spare acoustic instrumentation (Oliver Hill plays guitar guitar and viola, Nolan Green plays guitar and harmonium and Eliza Bagg plays violin, harmonium and various other instruments).

But the sound of the group’s recent debut full-length, Callithump, is full-bodied and far from minimalistic. On the dynamic 2012 release, the trio explores traditional Appalachian music, swingin’ Jazz, Tin Pan Alley pomp and breezy Folk Pop, but all of it is filtered through Plume Giant’s distinctive vision, with hints of the avant-garde beneath the inescapable harmonies and lovely aura. The now Brooklyn, N.Y.-based trio performs a free show Thursday, Jan. 17 at MOTR Pub (1345 Main St., Over-the-Rhine) with like-minded Cincinnati-based Chamber Folk ensemble The Happy Maladies. motrpub.com.



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