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Music: Math the Band with You, You're Awesome

By Mike Breen · January 8th, 2013 · CityBeat Recommends
todo_math_the_band_photo_maththeband.com Photo: maththeband.com
The seeds of Rhode Island’s “Electro Spazz Punk” duo Math the Band were planted and tended to by a 12-year-old Kevin Steinhauser, who turned his interest in vintage synths and video game systems into music he created on his bedroom computer. Justine Mainville completed Math the Band in 2007 when both were still in their teens. Taking a variety of 8-bit video game sounds and a rack full of old synthesizers, plus guitar and amped-up drum machine, the duo’s sound is driven by adrenaline, with a pummeling rhythmic approach akin to party-master Andrew WK’s (with whom Math has toured) and vocals shouted with a convulsive intensity.

Listening to the punchy, hyperactive Nintendo Punk on the twosome’s latest full-length release, November’s Get Real, indicates that Math the Band’s live show is a wired, reckless display of Rock & Roll mayhem, and the hospital records back that assumption up — during concerts over the years, the musicians have notched numerous broken bones and stitches but, they report on their Facebook page, “They’ve only cracked their head open on stage once.” MtB joins fellow Electro duo (and video game fanatics) You, You’re Awesome at The Comet (4579 Hamilton Ave., Northside) on Tuesday, Jan. 15, at 10 p.m. The show is free. cometbar.com.



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