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Denney and the Jets

Jan. 11 • MOTR Pub

By Brian Baker · January 7th, 2013 · Sound Advice
soundadvice_denney_and_the_jets_photo_diana lee zadloPhoto: Diana Lee Zadlo

Apparently, Chris Denney has only been writing songs for the past four years, but he’s clearly channeling a lifetime of pent up creative energy in the tunes he’s unleashing with his Nashville quintet, Denney & the Jets.

Denney’s most bankable characteristic is his amazing songwriting range; he deftly and quickly gearshifts through a musical hybrid that suggests the Gram Parsons fixation of the Exile-era Stones, The Replacements if they’d been steered by a boxful of Stax singles from the ‘70s and Bob Dylan if he’d started an electric garage band in Hibbing instead of slinking off to Greenwich Village with his acoustic guitar.

Denney & the Jets as a group has changed members with the same vigor that Denney alters songwriting styles; Natural Child’s Wes Traylor, JEFF the Brotherhood’s Orrall brothers and gifted solo artist Daniel Pujol all did stints with the nascent Jets.

Once vocalist/guitarist Denney found a steady lineup (guitarist/vocalist Sean Cotton, bassist/vocalist Joey Scala, keyboardist/saxophonist Ric Alessio, drummer Evan Scala), the band turned out a 7-inch and a pair of EPs, including their latest, Self-Titled, a five-song affair that blazes with pure Rock intensity but is clearly fueled by a hip-swinging, fist-pumping ass pocket full of Country and Soul influences.

There is not a molecule of artistic pretense or trendy calculation in the sound of Denney & the Jets, just unadulterated, good-time dance-floor Rock & Roll.

DENNEY & THE JETS perform Friday, Jan. 11 at MOTR Pub in Over-the-Rhine. Buy tickets, check out performance times and get venue details here.



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