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Cincinnati vs. The World 12.26.2012

By Hannah McCartney · December 27th, 2012 · Cincinnati vs. The World

I’ve come to resent this column a little bit. 

Each time I compile Cincinnati vs. the World, I feel my intrinsic sense of trust and optimism being drained, drop by drop, as I struggle to find positive world news to complement local Cincinnati stories for my weekly tally. 

It’s harder than it sounds. I started with no idea how the scores would tilt; now, there’s a 110-point gap between Cincinnati’s score and the world’s. 

By its nature, local media tends to be more fluffy and self-purporting than national or global media outlets. And I’m constantly receiving happy, sunny press releases from Cincinnati movers and shakers with something to boast.

It’s not difficult to find the good happening around here; the world’s been a bit more prickly. 

I’m still struggling to figure out whether or not the world really is a no-good, dastardly place or just one in which the media thrives on perpetuating bad news, because that’s what sells. 

Both are disheartening. 

For every jolly, smiling 86-year-old Minnesotan paperboy, there is a tweeting Ann Coulter calling the president a “retard” and a desperate Kentucky farmer who’s taken to feeding his cows expired candy lurking around the corner, ready to disappoint me. 

Of course, in reality, much of what affects the world affects Cincinnati. It’s only on paper we exist in our teeny plus-23 bubble, and the good that happens here translates across the globe in ways we might never realize.  

Serendipitously, Cincinnati and the world both reached a plateau in the column’s final week of 2012; starting in January, the scores will reset and I’ll give the world another chance to woo me. I hope it does.   




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