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Sandy Show Scores, Deadmau5 Tweetgagement & PSY Trouble

By Mike Breen · December 19th, 2012 · Minimum Gauge

Like a Hurricane 

The “12.12.12” concert at Madison Square Garden for victims of Hurricane Sandy raised over $30 million in corporate donations, ticket sales and sponsorship money alone, according to MTV.com. Paul McCartney debuted a new song with former members of Nirvana (which leaked to the press) and there was a true (unleaked) surprise from Chris Martin of Coldplay, who welcomed R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe on stage to sing “Losing My Religion.” McCartney’s set was awkward in its promotional aspects (the “Sirvana” tune was a commercial for Dave Grohl’s upcoming documentary Sound City, which you can, coincidentally, preorder right now, and Macca also played a song from his recent album as an extra plug). But Sandy survivors are suffering at least a little less, making the low-lights (cough, Kanye) irrelevant. Donate at 121212concert.org.

Queen Plushie

Sorry ladies who lust after producers/DJs who wear giant mouseheads in public (plushies?) — Deadmau5 is taken.

Since it is considered too tacky to do so via text or email, the Dance music superstar, according to Rolling Stone, proposed to the princess of tattoo parlour reality shows, Kat von D, via Twitter. Ah, modern love. Don’t worry if you don’t get an invite to the wedding (she said yes) — this is a reality show waiting to happen.

For those wooing a beautiful tattoo artist/possible plushie on the cheap, give this a try:

Lost in Translation?

South Korean Pop star PSY (known for global smash “Gangnam Style,” for those under-rock-dwellers) is winding down his huge year with controversy. It was revealed PSY had, in 2004, protested in song against American troops in Iraq after the death of two Korean schoolgirls accidentally killed when they were hit by a U.S. military vehicle. PSY performed a song live which a CNN viewer translated and posted to CNN’s iReport. The translation suggested PSY was “rapping” about killing American soldiers and their families “slowly and painfully.” The Washington Post’s Max Fisher examined the unvetted post’s claims and found the initial translation to be slightly off. Fisher’s findings suggest PSY (who has apologized profusely) was rapping more against torture than America as a whole. After the scandal broke, PSY was still welcomed to the White House and President Obama shook his hand, making him (for Fox, Rush, Hannity and the like, at least) the Bill Ayers of K-Pop.

This person will never regret getting this tattoo:



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