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Dre Beats All, Metallica's Coup and 'Time' Hearts Psy

By Mike Breen · December 5th, 2012 · Minimum Gauge
image_title_hxrj6Glitzy Beats By Dre headphones by CrystalRoc

‘Beats’ Workin’ For A Living 

Aspiring musicians looking for a path to wealth in the biz might want to ask Santa for headphones-making kits this Christmas. Topping the list from Forbes of 2012’s “World’s Highest-Paid Musicians” was an artist who hasn’t released an album in more than a dozen years — Dr. Dre. The star producer makes money from royalties and appearances, but the bulk of the Doc’s wealth is from Beats headphones, the very successful company he founded in 2006 with record exec Jimmy Iovine. Forbes estimated Dre’s annual income at $110 million. The second highest-paid musician was Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters, who earned $88 million in 2012 the old-fashioned way — milking his past with “The Wall Live” tour.


Masters of … Their Own Masters

On Nov.

30, higher-ups at the Warner Music Group likely spent the day beating whoever re-negotiated the recording contract of Metallica in 1994. Per that deal, on Nov. 30, 2012, the master recordings of all of the band’s material were to revert back to the members of Metallica, enabling the band to sell and profit from the work however they please. The band issued a press release that day announcing the launch of its new label, Blackened Recordings, which will serve as “a home for all of their recordings, both audio and visual, and anything else that suits them.” The label’s first release, a live concert DVD, is in stores Monday (and on illegal file-sharing networks Monday evening, at the latest).


Psy of the ‘Time’?

Though editors still make the final call, Time magazine lets readers pick who they think should be its “Person of the Year” through a vote on Time.com. The 40 people Time nominates certainly represent a good overview of 2012 — from Syria’s president and Apple’s new CEO to Olympic athletes and the Mars rover. From the music world, Hip Hop heavyweight Jay-Z made the cut, as did Russian Punk Rock activists Pussy Riot, whose imprisonment for “hooliganism” and “religious hatred” prompted global discussion about freedom of expression. But we’d love to see the other musician on the list — Korean “rapper” Psy, known for one stupid song, “Gangnam Style” — make Time’s actual “Person of the Year” cover. If only to make up for the tragic Baha Men snub of 2000.



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