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Why Such Hard Feelings for Palmer?

By C. Trent Rosecrans · November 28th, 2012 · Sports
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Most people remember at some point in life dating someone we now refer to as “crazy.” The use of the word can sometimes feel as misleading as the choice of “dating” in the same sentence. Batshitfuckingcrazy is often the preferred description. 

But even so, we probably don’t think about these people much at all anymore — I know I’ve moved on (it started sometime soon after she held a knife to my throat). But without that experience and the million other little steps after the breakup, I wouldn’t be where I am now — happy, healthy and with a beautiful wife and beautiful daughter. Live and let live, you know?

That’s why I didn’t think too much about the return of Carson Palmer the week before the game. The Bengals are in a much better place without Palmer, a place they wouldn’t be had he not forced Mike Brown’s hand. Without Palmer, the Bengals have a better quarterback, a better team and more players. Like my crazy ex, Palmer did the Bengals and their fans the greatest favor he could do. 

So why hate the guy or girl? I don’t hate my ex — I’m glad we’re both in a happier place. I don’t care about the process; I just care about the result at this point. 

Yet, for an entire week leading up the game against the Raiders, it was all about Palmer. During the game, he was booed again and again, which I just don’t understand. You got what you wanted because he did what he did. I don’t expect applause; I understand that as much, but what about indifference? Why was he any different than any other quarterback that comes in here?

Palmer’s biggest sin in leaving was saying he wanted to leave — saying the same things about Mike Brown every Bengals fan has said.

The one difference was Palmer had leverage and Palmer made Brown do something he didn’t want to do — and in the end Palmer made Brown look smart. 

As if we needed any more evidence, we got it when the Bengals demolished the Raiders and Andy Dalton was clearly the better quarterback, the Bengals the better team. In the end, isn’t that what you wanted? So why the hard feelings toward the one guy who made it possible?

Thinking Out Loud

I’ve got to admit, I was wrong a few weeks ago when I believed the Bengals’ playoff hopes were done. Of course, I didn’t foresee a major injury to Ben Roethlisberger, which should help quite a bit. I also hadn’t foreseen a collapse and revolt in Dallas. The Bengals have taken care of business against the dreadful Chiefs and Raiders — and as easy as that sounds, just remember this is a team that lost to the Browns this season, so take no win for granted. That said, the Chargers, Cowboys and Eagles are all ripe for the picking, and so too are the Steelers, if Roethlisberger is still out the Sunday before Christmas. ...

We should appreciate the fact the Bengals may have the two best players at their position in the league in defensive tackle Geno Atkins and wide receiver A.J. Green. ...

I’m always amazed at how little interest, relatively, there is for the Ohio State-Michigan game here in Cincinnati. I know we’re the only pocket of the state that doesn’t get riled up all week, but it’s still odd to me. I’ve lived in other college football-mad states (Georgia, Alabama) and I’ve never seen one part of a state with so little interest. I can tell you that you’re not going to find any pocket of Alabama that doesn’t go mad during Iron Bowl week, much less one of the state’s biggest cities. ...

Give credit to Butch Jones and UC football, the team is still in position to claim a part of the Big East title. Sure it’d be a title shared by literally half the teams in the conference, but it’s a share nonetheless. There is, however, no way the team can earn the conference’s BCS nod. ...

Know what I’m thankful for? The end of the Thanksgiving season so I don’t have to see one more hack column about what sporting event or sports person some jackhole is thankful for, when they’re really just thankful for the opportunity to fill column inches without really thinking. I thought that whole Thanksgiving column was played out 20 years ago but still seem to see it pop up every year. But hey, if you’re just mailing it in, it’s an easy delivery for the mailmen out there. And as we know, they’ll soon fall back to some Christmas “tradition,” another easy space filler.

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