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Comedy: Rodney Perry

By P.F. Wilson · November 20th, 2012 · CityBeat Recommends
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“I’m less of a writer and more of a reporter,” says comedian Rodney Perry. “I kind of report my life and what I see. What you see from me on stage is the world as seen through my eyes.” That view is essentially of a husband and father, though his material isn’t strictly limited to relationships and the domestic life. “It’s my job just to pay attention. Whether I’m at Walmart, or I’m talking to my wife and she says something silly, or I’m with my children.” The delivery is high-energy.

“I might go out in the crowd,” he says. “I like to give everyone a front row seat at some point during the evening.” Perry’s experiences go far beyond a suburban existence, though. He spent eight years in the Navy, not unlike Cincinnati’s own Gary Owen, before going into comedy full time. Like Owen, he started performing while he was still a sailor. “I quit for a week after getting gonged off a show in New Orleans.” He suggested his buddy and fellow seaman Harry Ratchford (now a writer for Kevin Hart) give it a try. Ratchford would only do it if Perry joined him, so he did. “I’ve been doing comedy ever since.” $20. 21 and up. Through Sunday Nov. 25. The Funny Bone on the Levee. 859-957-2000, funnybonecentral.com.



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