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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

By tt stern-enzi · November 14th, 2012 · Movie Previews
88133_galLionsgate/Summit Entertainment

Stephanie Meyer’s epic teen saga of true love among humans, vampires and werewolves reaches its conclusion in this second part of Breaking Dawn. Alliances are formed among the scattered vampire clans and even their sworn enemies (the shirtless werewolves in heat), all in defense of the half-breed child of swoony vampire heartthrob Edward (Robert Pattinson) and pre-vampire transformation Bella (Kristen Stewart).

With the Volturi (the vampire overlords) coming to destroy what they believe is an undead abomination, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn seems poised to either shatter all expectations (think Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter) or stumble to the finish (Star Wars prequels, anyone?). How soon will we rush to remake and/or reboot this saga and seek to elevate a new power couple in the teen firmament? Now in theaters. (PG-13) Not screened for review



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