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Music: Aimee Mann and Ted Leo

By Mike Breen · November 6th, 2012 · CityBeat Recommends
todo_aimee_mann_photo_sheryl nieldsPhoto: Sheryl Nields
After a tough previous week when she was stuck in New York City during and after “Frankenstorm” Sandy, this Friday night at 8 p.m., veteran singer/songwriter Aimee Mann performs in Cincinnati at 20th Century Theatre (3021 Madison Road, Oakley). For 30 years, Mann has built a dedicated core of adoring fans swept away by her smart, clever and emotionally resonate take on Pop music, driven partly by her uniquely inviting vocals (which former CityBeat writer Brad Quinn once brilliantly described as “egg-shaped”). She first came to the attention of the public at large with her group ’Til Tuesday, which received massive support from MTV and radio for the hit “Voices Carry” (Mann and some funny pals recently parodied it in a hilarious new video from her latest album, Charmer).

Mann went solo at the start of the ’90s, releasing her debut, Whatever, in 1993 and then capping off the decade with her brilliant songs written for and prominently featured in the film Magnolia. Departing the major label system at the start of the new millennium, Mann founded SuperEgo Records to release her own material, most recently issuing Charmer, another critically acclaimed gem that provides further evidence that Mann is still one of the great, somewhat under-heralded songwriters of her time. Another gifted writer deserving of more attention, Ted Leo (of “and the Pharmacists” fame), opens the show solo. Tickets, available in advance through ticketweb.com, range from $20-$35. the20thcenturytheatre.com.



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