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Election Issue 2012

By Staff · October 31st, 2012 · Election
Here's a link to CityBeat's full election endorsements and coverage.

When CityBeat set out to research this year’s slate of candidates and issues, we did so aware of the guiding principles behind our weekly news coverage. We have a long history of covering politics, race, gender, human rights and quality of life issues in Cincinnati and Ohio. We are proud to call ourselves progressive, meaning we openly advocate for reform that produces equal rights, equal opportunity, environmental protection and sustainable development. 

Calling this year’s endorsements heavy on Democratic candidates is an understatement. We didn’t endorse a single Republican.

Here’s why: State and local Republicans during the past two years have worked to suppress voters, regress on abortion, tout the needless privatization of multiple state programs and failed to properly regulate big, new developments like fracking. (It should be noted that some state Democrats participated in various forms as well.)

GOP anti-abortion activists tried to pass the Heartbeat Bill, a bill that would ban abortion as soon as a fetal heartbeat is detectable. Early voting rights were greatly restricted, only to be largely given back after massive backlash from voters and public officials. The Kasich administration privatized prisons with the help of GOP lawmakers, and the privatization process for the Ohio Turnpike and Ohio Department of Development began. The state passed faulty regulations on fracking, while common-sense regulations were ignored to safeguard business interests. Education budgets and aid to counties were cut, while funding to online schools with poor academic results remained high. Hamilton County again put off solving its budget deficit, choosing instead to appease the county’s wealthy, largely due to its Republican majority. And let’s not forget about the Senate Bill 5 fiasco that state Republicans jumped on and lost in 2011.

The fact is that this year’s highest-ranking Democratic candidates are strong — Barack Obama and Sherrod Brown are poised to be part of an exciting four years of economic growth and social progress nationwide. We’ve looked into our local officials to ensure that they too are dedicated to furthering the causes CityBeat has championed for the past 18 years.



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