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CityBeat: Democrats for Ohio General Assembly

By Staff · October 31st, 2012 · Election

One of the most striking developments in the past two years is the rising extremism of the Republican party. From privatization to social issues to Senate Bill 5, Republicans have taken Ohio in a hard turn to the right. Here at CityBeat, we’ll take the alternative. We support the Democratic takeover of the Ohio General Assembly.

Richard Luken is the Democrat running to represent Cincinnati in the Ohio Senate. Luken is against the privatization of prisons and other state institutions. His opponent, Republican incumbent Bill Seitz, is for prison privatization and voted in favor of the JobsOhio plan. At a time when the state is rushing to privatize basic functions, Ohio needs a senator that will just say no.

Democrat Connie Pillich, who is running for the 28th Congressional District, is one of the bigger names in local races. She has pushed for restoring lost education funding in Ohio schools, and she has repeatedly criticized Kasich for his cuts to public schools and counties. Pillich also criticized Republican laws that restricted in-person early voting, while her Republican opponent, Mike Wilson, spoke out against expanding early voting when talking to CityBeat.

Hubert Brown, the Democrat running for the 29th Congressional District, describes himself as “socially progressive” and defends a woman’s right to choose.

His Republican opponent, Louis Blessing, co-sponsored the Heartbeat Bill, which would have made getting an abortion extremely difficult even in cases involving rape, incest or the mother’s health. 

Denise Driehaus, the Democratic incumbent in the 31st Congressional District, proudly calls herself an environmentalist. When the state legislature was debating fracking regulations, she tried to amend Senate Bill 315 to include a regulation that would test water sources before and after fracking occurs near them to see if fracking contaminates the water. The full Republican majority rejected her proposal. The regulation was common sense, and we applaud Driehaus for supporting it.

Dale Mallory is the brother of Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory and the Democratic incumbent to the 32nd Congressional District. Mallory went into office amid a scandal that led to his impeachment at his last job at West End Community Council. CityBeat was fairly critical of him during the impeachment and following investigation. Since then, Mallory has protected abortion rights, opposed the JobsOhio plan and opposed Kasich’s budget that contained cuts to education and encouraged prison privatization. He has a shaky past, but his voting record is solid.

Alicia Reece, the Democratic incumbent in the 33rd Congressional District, was one of the loudest opponents of the “Voter Fraud is a Felony!” billboards that were accused of voter suppression. The billboards have since been taken down, largely thanks to public officials like Reece speaking out. With Republicans like Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted hinting at a bill that will restrict voting rights, it’s clear more people like Reece are needed in the General Assembly.



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