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CityBeat: No Endorsements for Hamilton County Commissioners

By Staff · October 31st, 2012 · Election

We like how Democratic Commissioner Todd Portune tried to keep funding for mental health and elderly services the same with a very minor tax hike that would have made up for property values dropping. We like his support for the streetcar. We like how he can rein in the two Republicans on the Board of Commissioners.

But we also like democracy.

This year, the two political parties have apparently decided Hamilton County can go on without it. Instead of having Democrats and Republicans run against each other for the most important county office, Portune and Commissioner Greg Hartmann’s seats are left unchallenged. 

Democratic and Republican officials insist that, unlike in 2011, no deal was made to keep the races uncontested; instead, they argue they couldn’t find candidates to run against either of these well-funded incumbents. We’re not going to encourage conspiracy theories, but we’re not happy with the process. We’re not endorsing anyone.



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