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CityBeat: Yes on Issue 4

By Staff · October 31st, 2012 · Election

Imagine if you had to take every other year at your job off to defend all your career decisions. Every other year would be completely unproductive. Essentially, you would be unproductive half the time.

That’s sort of how City Council works today. Since the council members only have two-year terms, they spend one year legislating and most of the second year campaigning.

Instead of being able to focus on long-term issues, council members have to focus on short-term, politically favorable legislation. 

Issue 4 changes that. It makes it so council members have four-year terms.

Opponents say this will make it too difficult to hold council members accountable. While that’s somewhat true, it’s missing the point. Being held accountable constantly is what makes City Council unproductive at times. It limits council members’ abilities to make tough, long-term decisions. If they just had more time, more could get done without having to worry so much about attending the rally for the election that’s around the corner.

That’s why we encourage a yes vote on Issue 4.



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