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Jesus & Blunts, ’Clef's Stunts and Ferry Riders' Wants

By Mike Breen · October 24th, 2012 · Minimum Gauge
767569e672d44602Game's 'Jesus Piece' cover art


Game of Groans
Rapper Game is taking a page from Madonna’s “How to Offend Christians for Fun and Profit” handbook with his forthcoming album, Jesus Piece. The cover art features pot leaves and a black Jesus with a Bloods bandana and apparent Jheri curl. Game told Rap-Up that he was making a statement about how some unfairly judge him for his Sunday routine: “I don’t want to feel like I can’t love God or appreciate Jesus and have to put down that blunt. I want to smoke, maybe shower up, then go to church. Get the word, walk out of church, maybe smoke again, maybe hit up a strip club or two and do me, but I don’t want to be ridiculed.” Just thank the deity of your choice that, for Game’s sake, he’s not a Muslim and the album isn’t called Muhammad Piece. The worst “ridicule” he’s received? Disapproving tweets.


’Clef Hanger
Sometimes well-intentioned charities go awry and under, but if you are the face/founder of such a charity, wait a few months after your charity folds under massive debt and alleged questionable “kickbacks” before you post a photo of yourself in front of your mansion wearing nothing but a Speedo and sitting on your ultra-expensive custom Ducati motorcycle. Amidst the fall-out of the closing of Wyclef Jean’s 7-year-old Yéle Haïti charity, Jean posted just such a pic on Twitter for his 43rd birthday. Wyclef admitted mistakes were made but told MTV that history will show he did nothing wrong with the charity. Those mysterious facts are not addressed in his new book, Purpose: An Immigrant’s Story, which (seriously) opens with a passage about Wyclef personally saving babies after the Haitian earthquake.


Gettin’ Paid on a Boat
Musicians have had to make some adjustments in how they earn income.

According to the CBC, Vancouver Indie Folk group Headwater’s alternate revenue resources are passengers on ferries in British Columbia. Along with other gigs, the group reportedly performed on 55 ferry rides over the past few years and took home around $74,000 (minus the production costs of CDs, which they sold on the boats, and other expenses). So instead of heading to Alaska to work on a disgusting fishing boat for a year to make extra dough, think about learning guitar and visiting the ferries of Vancouver.



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