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Lewisburg Haunted Cave (Preview)

By Stephen Carter-Novotni · October 17th, 2012 · ScaryBeat
scarybeat 2_lewisburg haunted cave_photo lewisburg haunted cave facebookLewisburg Haunted Cave - Photo: Lewisburg Haunted Cave Facebook
Cave of Lost  Souls
$15. 7 p.m.-midnight Fridays-Saturdays through Oct. 27. 4392 Swisher Mill Road, Lewisburg. 937-962-5602, hauntedcaveatlewisburg.com.

This is so cool. It’s a historic, abandoned mine that’s been turned into a haunt. You will cross the massive River Styx along a rickety bridge, be chased by all manners of ghouls and become lost in the Devil’s maze. Real pyrotechnics are used, as are guns with blanks, chainsaws and more. All of this happens deep within the bowels of the earth. An amazing, shocking performance by a slick cast.



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