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Seven Psychopaths

By tt stern-enzi · October 10th, 2012 · Movie Previews
92638_galCBS Films

Writer-director Martin McDonagh follows up In Bruges with another tale of comic killers and he’s aided and abetted by his onscreen partner-in-crime Colin Farrell. In Seven Psychopaths, Farrell plays a struggling screenwriter who stumbles into a criminal plot to earn money by kidnapping dogs for large ransoms.

Things go awry when the writer’s bumbling crew (Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken) faces off against a dangerously deranged mob boss (Woody Harrelson). Despite earning a screenplay nomination for In Bruges, McDonagh seems criminally underrated, if for no other reason than the fact that he’s the only guy in the business who knows how to exploit the rakish charms of Farrell. Now open at Esquire Theatre. (R) Not screened for review



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