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Cincinnati vs. The World 10.10.2012

By Hannah McCartney · October 10th, 2012 · Cincinnati vs. The World

The nurse who was the famous receiver of the lip-locking depicted in the iconic 1945 “Kissing Sailor” photo from Times Square symbolically marking the end of WWII attests she was actually manhandled against her will by the sailor, who was a complete stranger; by modern standards, that’s an instance of sexual assault that’s been glorified. WORLD -2 

Cincinnati City Council approved a proposed Eden Park microbrewery’s lease agreement last week; the $5 million project would create a facility called Brewery X that will include a production unit, tasting room and beer garden.

New York state researchers found that the hippie trend of housing chickens in community gardens across NYC’s boroughs might be causing more foul than good; more than half of the eggs tested from chickens kept in Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens contained detectable levels of lead — store-bought counterparts revealed none.


Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted issued an odd order to Board of Elections employees seemingly keeping up with his intents to muddle the voting process by ordering that BOE employees can only notify absentee voters about mistakes on their ballots through first-class mail — email, phone or any other means of communication is prohibited. Email and phone notification has been admissible in the past. CINCINNATI -1

A controversial Craigslist job listing for a freelance writing position in Portland, Ore., offers writers between $0.009 and $.02 per word; according to the Massachusetts of Technology’s (MIT) living wage calculator, that means writers would have to bust out 1,047 words per hour just to make the bare living hourly wage of $9.42. WORLD -1 





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